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What level of Hubspot user access is required to setup OrgChartHub?

To setup OrgChartHub within your Hubspot account you need Sales administrator access. Once a user with sales administrator access has setup OrgChartHub then all of your Hubspot users will have access.

Can I share a completed chart with the other users in my team? Can other members of my team edit org charts?

Yes, OrgChartHub is built for teams, any hubspot user from within your account can view and edit the orgcharts you have created.

Does OrgChartHub store contact data from my HubSpot account?

No, OrgChartHub does not store HubSpot contact data from your account. We use the Hubspot API to present the contacts and OrgCharts back to you and only store chart-related metadata on our servers. You can disconnect OrgChartHub at any time.

Where is OrgChartHub positioned in our Hubspot account?

When you first setup OrgChartHub it will position itself at the bottom of your side panel in the accounts page, however you can drag higher up the page.

What volume of calls does OrgchartHub make on the Hubspot API? Does it affect my own HubSpot API rate limit?

OrgChartHub remains within it's own API limits, and so does not impact the amount of API calls you can make for yourself or with other connected applications.