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Org Charts for HubSpot CRM

Easily build and store customer organization charts on each of your accounts

Use relationship mapping, sales personas, and placeholder contacts to help your team visualize the key stakeholders and close more deals.

OrgChartHub is a HubSpot Certified App Partner, see our integration listing.

OrgChartHub named in the top 10 fastest growing HubSpot integrations of 2018!

Visualise your accounts, see key stakeholder roles, and understand relationships at a glance.

Works from within your HubSpot CRM

Access OrgChartHub from any company or contact using the HubSpot CRM side-panel.

Everyone within your team can access and share org charts with no extra logins to manage.

Sales Personas

Visualize the key stakeholders and close more deals using customized sales personas.

Get an overall ‘feel’ for the account almost immediately. If you’ve not identified your key personas, you know the account needs more work if you want to de-risk the deal.

Placeholder Contacts

Close deals faster by identifying unknown key contacts and sales blockers using placeholder contacts.

Hear about an unidentified stakeholder? Add them to your org chart, and swap them for a HubSpot contact once identified.

Relationship Lines

Understand your accounts by mapping out relationships.

Avoid wasting time working contacts that don’t need it, and focus your energy and engagement where it’s most needed.


Starter Plan
Up to 5 charts
Unrestricted Seats
Basic 50
(billed anually)
Up to 50 charts
Unrestricted Seats
Account Mapping Functionality
Pro 100
(billed anually)
Up to 100 charts
Unrestricted Seats
Account Mapping Functionality
If you have a larger requirement contact us for custom plans.